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Let us answer all of your pediatric dental questions.

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Caring for your child’s dental needs can feel overwhelming and we’re sure you have many questions. Check out some of our most answered inquiries below and if there’s anything we didn’t cover that you’d like some information on, give us a call!
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What do I do if my child chips their tooth?

Rinse out your child’s mouth with water and apply a cold compress if the lip was also injured to reduce swelling. If you can find the tooth fragment, place it in cold milk or water, and don’t forget to bring it to the office with you!

Give us a call right away. The quicker we can jump into action, the more likely it is that we will be able to save the tooth, prevent infection, and reduce the need for any extensive treatment.

When should I bring my child in for their first visit?

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How can I help my child prevent tooth decay?

You won’t have to go at this alone, we are here to help!  When your child comes in for their first visit, we can recommend a specific program of brushing, flossing, and other treatments for you to supervise and teach your littlest family member

How much toothpaste should we use and when should we start?

The sooner you can get your child used to a toothbrush, the better! Starting at birth, we recommend that you clean your baby’s gums with a soft infant toothbrush or cloth and cold water. As soon as their teeth begin to appear, start brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and a soft, age-appropriate sized toothbrush. Use a “smear” of toothpaste to brush the teeth of a child less than 2 years of age, and a “pea-sized” amount for children between the ages of 2-5. Remember, young children do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively so you will have to preform the brushing or assist them.

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What do I do if my child's baby tooth gets knocked out?

Give us a call as soon as possible!  The baby tooth should not be replanted because it can cause subsequent damage to the permanent tooth that is developing.

What do I do if my child's permanent tooth gets knocked out?

Step 1: Stay Calm! 
Step 2: Find the tooth and when you find it make sure that you hold it by the crown (chewing end) and never by the root. If you can, reinsert the tooth into the socket. If that is not possible, place the tooth in milk, saliva, or water and bring your child (and their tooth) to use right away. The quicker we can jump into action, the better chance we have to save the tooth. 

How do dental sealants work?

Sealants are a great option to help keep cavities away. By filling in the crevasses on the chewing surface of your child’s teeth, sealants stop food particles from getting caught. Not only is the application fast and comfortable for your child, but sealants can effectively protect their teeth for many years! 

What do I do if my child has a toothache?

Give us a call so we can see your child promptly.

To comfort your child, rinse their mouth out with water and/or apply a cold compress to the face in the area of the pain. Do not put heat or aspirin on the sore area. Over-the-counter children’s pain medication, dosed according to your child’s weight and age, might ease the symptoms, too.

"We’ve been at this office for 5 years now and have never been disappointed in the staff. When Dr Davis took over he continued to provide a wonderful experience. I have 5 children ages 15 down to 5 and he has been able to relate to each individually and adapt his bedside manner to make each feel comfortable and safe. We love Dr Davis and his team!"

- Karla H.

“We have been taking our five year old son to Dr. Dustin for the last two years. He actually looks forward to going to the dentist because of the interactions he has with the staff and dentist. They are very good with children that are scared or timid about going to the dentist. They have state of the art equipment. Dr. Dustin will be very clear in explaining what procedure is taking place, what the expected outcome is, and why it’s important to the health of your child. He is also very patient with our questions or concerns. I would recommend this business to anybody looking for a new dentist for their children or parents with children needing a dentist for the first time. Be true to your teeth or they’ll be false to you, or just brush the ones you want to keep!”

– Chris B.

“Great service! We were treated with kindness and professionalism. The team is wonderful with kids and the environment is to support their comfort. Fair pricing for services. Very happy with our experience.”

– Nasreen I.

“This was our second trip to Sunnyside Dentistry for Children and we will continue to come here. The office is super clean and kid friendly. They are so great with my two toddlers that as a parent, not much is required from me during the appointments. They explain what they are doing in kid-friendly terms to accomplish just what they need to do, without pushing the kids to do anything uncomfortable.”

– Kylie J.

“Dr. Dustin is amazing and he is very skilled at making the kids feel comfortable. We are very glad that he joined this practice and we will be patients for many years to come.”

- Noah B.

“Took my 2 year old son to visit Dr. Dustin and had an awesome experience! Dr. Dustin did a great job of making my son feel comfortable, especially when he started to get a little scared of the exam. The office has a lot of accommodations for young kids and is extremely welcoming.”

– Austin F.

“The entire staff is so nice. They are great with the kids! I’d definitely recommend them. On one of the appointments I had my three-year-old granddaughter with me and they gave her tokens for prizes too (even though she wasn’t a patient yet)!”

– Stephanie M.

"My girls and I just moved to the area and had our first visit with Dr Dustin . The dental assistants were so calm and friendly with my girls who have a bit of a fear of the dentist especially seeing a brand new one . I appreciated how kind and patient everyone was ! The gold coin prize at the end and other incentives they provide were also great!!!! Highly recommend!!!"

– Alexis T.

"Beautiful, fun place (as fun as a dentist office can be)! The team were kind and made my daughter feel safe. She looks forward to going again!"

– Aimee D.

"My kids love it here! They treat my children so kindly and really get a conversation going with them! My daughter needed to get anesthesia for some dental work. They did such a great job taking care of her, and making sure to follow up! I highly recommend this dentistry to anyone with children!"

– Deana H.

"Dr. Dustin and his staff are amazing."

– Omega H.

"The entire staff is wonderful! Flexible schedules and super kind, kid friendly atmosphere. Dr Dustin is wonderful and the staff is very encouraging with the kids to improve their dental hygiene. We love this place!"

– Julie F.

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